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Introducing a mobile app for students and student-athletes, offering mental wellness resources and leadership insights.

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Our Mission

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At Wellness U, we're committed to enhancing mental resilience in students and student-athletes. Our approach fosters a growth mindset and self-empowerment, encouraging individuals to take charge of their mental well-being and build collective resilience.

Our Solutions

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Our data-driven approach crafts strategies that truly serve your community's needs.

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Discovering patterns strengthens the group. These insights guide actions and empower all.

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Wellness U's vital info fuels success and shapes policies for a broader impact.

Our Priorities

Access for All

Equipping Students with essential tools for support with access to hundreds of evidence-based wellness resources

Safeguarding Privacy

Ensuring your privacy and peace of mind is our utmost concern

Elevate Recruitment & Retention Efforts

Meeting the need for wellness resources, as requested by parents and students.

Our App

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Crisis lines, campus, and community resources

24/7/365 access to personalized mental wellness resources & support topics

Develop life skills with and topics ranging from NIL, financial literacy, DEI&B, to finding support

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Breath work, Mindfulness & meditation

Diverse student and athlete-specific telehealth, health coaching

Our Reports

Uncover the Power of AI-Driven Analytics: Enhancing Well-being and Support

  • Unlock insights into your team and program's performance with our cutting-edge generative AI-driven analytics.
  • Explore the wealth of data that measures aggregate well-being and identifies key support areas.
  • Our technology empowers you to discover invaluable trends that shed light on your team's journey and the program's evolution over time. These actionable insights inform and drive transformative changes in your teams and organizational culture.

Solutions for Leaders, Educators & Coaches

Fostering a Culture of Growth and Learning

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"Coach's Corner" is an invaluable in-app resource that helps coaches, and trainers, enhance their student-athletes mental wellness.

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Analytics can be used in a proactive manner to both identify and solve problems.

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Easy onboarding and integration into pre-existing campus services.

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Reporting plays a crucial role in boosting retention and facilitating recruitment by offering targeted support exactly where and when it is required.

"For [our students and student-athletes] to be able to use those resources and have something to fall back on when they needed it, whether we're going through a good stretch or a bad stretch, was something that really helped us out."

"I really appreciate this. Great idea to add the video review the first time [we] see the numbers [on the reports]. Really helpful. I am happy with our numbers.

"I showed my Management Team this afternoon. We are floating some ideas about benefits and how we can better support Work/Life Balance. I'm going to show it to a couple of the regional/division supervisors... Its working for us, it’ll work for them."

"I just got done with the women's basketball team meeting. It was very well received! I'm pretty sure that we at least had 100% of the team load it... Some were doing it when I just left. One girl said, 'Remember when I told you yesterday that I was going to need therapy? Well, here's my therapy!' From GVU Student Success Coordinator) "Makes my heart smile!"

"...I'm proud of our University for bringing Wellness U to campus...This app gives us an opportunity to find self-help anonymously and comfortably...

Wellness U has given me an outlet and a safe place where I can find self-motivation when I am having tough days. It gives me the capability to remind myself of my self-worth and purpose that I have in this world...I believe that Wellness U will help myself and others students build a foundation of bettering their mental health and finding ground to seek additional help in the future."

-GVU Male Student-Athlete

19-year-old college student-athlete:

"Most of my problems start in my thoughts... it's like 99% of my problems are all up there, and I self-talk myself into believing them. My affirmations allow me to get to the 1% of reality and solution focus. When I habit form around being solution-oriented, I confidently move forward daily. Not every day is perfect, but I know how to stack reality against negative self-talk…." AMD

16-year-old high school student-athlete:

"Wellness U is like a workout plan or going to the gym. Once I moved beyond immediate gratification to "just feel better" and embraced delayed gratification, "this is a process," my whole outlook on daily action changed. I work on myself every day, and no one even knows the skills I am learning on my own. Yeh, I have become more resilient, and I am also a better teammate and friend." JL

Happy Students

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Passionate about improving culture and wellness?

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Let's do this together.

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Columbus, OH

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Key Team Members

Empowering Student-Athletes: Promoting Mental Health and Cultivating Positive Culture

Morgan Koth, FMCHS, Co-Founder & CEO


Kenneth Yeager, Ph.D., LISW, Co-Founder, and Ohio State University Professor & Clinical Director, STAR program


Coach Bill Dean

Business Development and On-boarding specialist


June Archer, Advisor


Schools & Key Partners

Forward-thinking builders of young men and women are needed now more than ever.

Together we can build a resilient, thriving person!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wellness U app tracking about me?

The Wellness U app is 100% confidential, and we do not sell any anonymous data. The app does not track location or IP address nor ask for emails, telephone numbers, birthdates, or names. No personal information/assessment answers are traceable back to any user. Codes given by an organization can not be associated with a real person. The app stores assessment scores and content to access timestamps against an anonymous user ID and knows the history of the anonymous user ID but can not associate any data with a real person. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to log on with a code if I am part of an organization, and if I use the code, is it still anonymous?

Users log in confidentially, even with a code provided to them by an organization. The code is used to utilize specific help resources within the Wellness U app and help understand the culture within a community.

Is there a cost for the Wellness U app?

There is no cost to an individual. It is free to download from the Apple app store and Google Play store. The organization has taken on the cost of the wellness platform.

Has the methodology in the Wellness U app been researched?

Clinically tested methods and backed by research from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Kenneth Yeager, Ph.D., L.I.S.W. developed the methods used in the app. The research and testing found that the Wellness U training method for vicarious trauma decreased burnout measures sustained for several months. The Wellness U app uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and cognitive processing therapy techniques. These approaches help to address common effects of exposure to trauma; these include but are not limited to hyper-vigilance avoidance, trust, control, and intimacy (sharing and processing exposure to a trauma with others). As the stress responses progress, individuals become at greater risk of depression, anxiety, substance misuse, sleep disturbance, and unexplained anger, to name a few. The app provides an effective way to understand how to manage your response to stress and anxiety.

Is my fitness data in Optimum U tied to the Wellness U app?

No. The two apps are entirely different and completely separate. The Optimum U Health Coaching app is provided to help those looking to increase their physical and mental health. We believe the two go together. - it is hard to be healthy in one without the other.

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Heart of America Athletic Conference Partners with WellnessU

The Heart of America Athletic Conference is pleased to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership with Wellness U. The Heart is the first conference across the NAIA to partner with Wellness U.

Wellness U is a mobile app that will be available to all Heart student-athletes, that promotes mental wellness and resilience among students and student-athletes. By empowering and fostering a culture of growth and learning, we help individuals develop the skills and mindset to overcome challenges and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

"Athletics is an incredible place to learn life skills while playing the sport you love but one area that needs more care is the space of mental health," said Lori Thomas, Heart Commissioner. "The Heart of America has placed this as a priority and is proud to announce the partnership with Wellness U. With over 7,000 athletes in the Heart, every person will have a safe place to access mental wellness resources, support topics, learn to be mindful, and most importantly have access to help right away."

Wellness U will provide the following programs for every student-athlete across the conference:

  • Provides 24/7/365 access to wellness resources for student-athletes.
  • Learn about mental health: Hundreds of evidence-based wellness resources.
  • Feel safe and supported: We prioritize well-being and provide the tools and resources needed to feel safe and supported
  • Measure & optimize team culture & well-being with anonymous data
  • Wellness U representatives aid in campus onboarding & integration
  • Supports recruitment and enrollment strategies
  • User privacy is our top priority. We don't track IPs or request personal information, ensure confidentiality

"We are excited and grateful to announce our partnership with The Heart of America Athletic Conference, as we bring Wellness U's transformative mental wellness tools to their 13 institutions," said Morgan Koth, CEO and Founder of Wellness U. "This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us, allowing us to support over 7,000 student-athletes within the conference. Through our innovative resources, we aim to empower these student-athletes to prioritize their well-being, unlock their full potential, and thrive both on and off the field."

"The Heart of America Athletic Conference's leadership team, headed by Commissioner Lori Thomas, has been instrumental in driving this positive change, and we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them in creating a safe and supportive environment for all student-athletes," Koth added. "We are committed to making a positive impact together, and we look forward to working hand in hand to foster the mental wellness of student-athletes within the conference."

This partnership represents a significant step towards prioritizing mental wellness and providing comprehensive support to student-athletes. Wellness U and the Heart of America Athletic Conference are dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being and success of student-athletes both in their athletic endeavors and in their personal lives.

For more information, please contact:

Morgan Koth, CEO & Founder


Phone: +1 (614) 596-4183