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Wellness U - The mobile, on-demand mental wellness platform for students, athletes, and coaches.

Building Resiliency

Strengthening Culture

Supporting Organizations

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It's time for a change.

Wellness U is more than any preconceived idea of what a mental health program might look like.

All the self-help exercises in the world won't help someone who doesn't feel heard or properly supported within their community.

No one can become their best self without a healthy, supportive culture around them.

Supporting Each Other

We help create trust, safety, and connections within communities by working with leaders, stakeholders, coaches, students, and trainers to develop a web of support.

Together, we build healthier environments for everyone to thrive in.

What We Offer

For Students & Athletes

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Personalized mental wellness support

Customized videos and wellness resources made for students & athletes.

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Learn and practice life skills

Develop coping skills from proven digital lessons and exercises.

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Measure progress

Complete ongoing mood assessments to understand feelings over time.

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Student and Athlete Specific Telehealth

Appointments with student and athlete-specific therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists (Telehealth Partner: Onrise).

For Coaches & Admins

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A comprehensive experience with a single implementation

A unified system guides stakeholders through a streamlined implementation process and provides ongoing program support.

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Team insights and reports

The platform provides leaders with a view of adoption rates and aggregated anonymous member wellness metrics, helping them better understand mental well-being.

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Robust communications

Stakeholders are provided with communication guidance to drive awareness of available support options and bolster enrollment and engagement across the Wellness U program.

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Complete campus and stakeholder support

Our unified mental health platform and school wellness services can aid in critical incident support, interactive wellness workshops, and coach and faculty consultations.

Mobile Platform

Seamless Navigation

Members can easily navigate between resources by either heading into a counseling session, engaging in a tailored exercise, finding on-campus/organizational resources, or listening to a meditation.

Evidence-based mental health resources & assessments


Informational videos and guided exercises to practice a positive mindset


Mindfulness & meditation


Crisis lines, campus, and community resources

Integrated telehealth

powered by OnriseCare


How will you know if you are improving if you don't measure it?

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Why Wellness U

An evidenced-based support platform for students, athletes, and administrators.

It was developed in conjunction with one of the world's leaders in behavioral health, Ken Yeager, Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

Platform Benefits

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Protect your people with resources 24/7


Safeguard your teams and departments with reports on well-being and on areas that have opportunities for more support

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Build team morale and aid in recruitment by making mental wellness a priority

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Increase retention with improved feelings of trust and support within your culture

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Wellness U's technology fosters more person-to-person interaction and communication rather than replacing it.

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"For [our students and student-athletes] to be able to use those resources and have something to fall back on when they needed it, whether we're going through a good stretch or a bad stretch, was something that really helped us out."

"I just got done with the women's basketball team meeting. It was very well received! I'm pretty sure that we at least had 100% of the team load it, but wireless and Internet were sketchy in the room that we were in, so I encourage them to finish their assessment later. Some were doing it when I just left. One girl said, 'Remember when I told you yesterday that I was going to need therapy? Well, here's my therapy!' From GVU Student Success Coordinator) "Makes my heart smile!"

"I really appreciate this. Great idea to add the video review the first time [we] see the numbers [on the reports]. Really helpful. I am happy with our numbers.

"I showed my Management Team this afternoon. We are floating some ideas about benefits and how we can better support Work/Life Balance."

"...I'm proud of our University for bringing Wellness U to campus...This app gives us an opportunity to find self-help anonymously and comfortably...

Wellness U has given me an outlet and a safe place where I can find self-motivation when I am having tough days. It gives me the capability to remind myself of my self-worth and purpose that I have in this world...I believe that Wellness U will help myself and others students build a foundation of bettering their mental health and finding ground to seek additional help in the future."

-GVU Male Student-Athlete

About Us

Transforming behavioral health from start to finish.

Founder & CEO, Accentus Health

CEO of Onrise

Onboarding Specialist

Partner & Advisor, Ohio State University

Chief Medical Officer, Onrise

Executive Director, Fund Recovery

Forward-thinking builders of young men & women are needed now more than ever.

It is time to build a resilient, thriving human!

Let's do this together!

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