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A completely new way to think about employee mental wellness.

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Business consultation

STAR's wellness solutions improve company culture and increase employee engagement and retention.

Increase Retention

STAR specializes in providing retention solutions for businesses. By implementing our strategies and tools, companies can create a more positive and productive work environment, leading to happier and more engaged employees.

Improve Culture

STAR improves company culture by implementing a data-driven approach to decision-making. By using data to guide decision-making, businesses can eliminate subjective biases and ensure everyone is on the same page. This approach fosters a culture of transparency and accountability, which leads to increased trust and collaboration among team members.

Employee Engagement

Another way STAR improves company culture is by focusing on employee engagement. We understand that engaged employees are more productive, creative, and committed. Businesses can increase retention rates, reduce turnover costs, and build a more loyal and dedicated workforce by implementing tools and strategies to improve employee engagement.


The objective of the consulting is to cultivate team members with a higher level of empathy and compassion, enhancing team culture and boosting their overall productivity. Organizations can establish a better-prepared workforce to confront forthcoming obstacles by prioritizing employee development.

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The STAR Difference

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Aid in recruitment

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Measure and optimize team well-being

Align organizational objectives

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Measure predetermined outcomes for improved ROI

Hundreds of wellness resources with access to telehealth

Proactively identify and resolve issues

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Current struggles

  • Maintaining a healthy work culture and low-stressed workforce

  • Losing good employees due to toxic environments or due to burnout
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Mental health awareness and culture improvements are more critical than ever, and it's smart business.

  • For every U.S. $1 invested in treating depression and anxiety, there was a $4 return in better health and ability to work, according to a WHO-led study.

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Mobile app

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Evidence-based mental health resources based off of anonymous assessments

Informational videos and guided exercises to practice a positive mindset

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Breath work, Mindfulness & meditation

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Integrated telehealth

Crisis lines, and organizational resources

The Users Journey

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Mental wellness resources, productivity ideas & support topics

Personalized journey of To Do's from the anonymous assessments to develop life skills

Content relevant to current stressors such as sleep, finances, inclusion, belonging, and more

Searchable resources: self care, managing fatigue, mindfulness, and more

Telehealth Consultation with Doctor on Tablet

Telehealth Integration

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Set Appointment

Easily set an appointment with your counselor. The current wait is about 2-3 days.

Video, call or text

Connect in the convenience of your own space.

Choose the best type of therapy/counseling

Choose between addiction, psychiatry, traditional therapy, health coaching, and more.

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Administrators Journey

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Communications to push awareness, improve culture and enhance productivity.

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A comprehensive experience with a quick and easy implementation.

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Analytics to proactively identify and resolve issues and drive desired outcomes.

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Increase retention and aid in recruitment.

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Social Proof

"For [our students and student-athletes] to be able to use those resources and have something to fall back on when they needed it, whether we're going through a good stretch or a bad stretch, was something that really helped us out."

"I really appreciate this. Great idea to add the video review the first time [we] see the numbers [on the reports]. Really helpful. I am happy with our numbers.

"I'm going to show it to a couple of the regional/division supervisors and see if anything happens there. It's working for us, it'll work for them."

21-year-old college student-athlete:

"Action kills and breaks down my anxiety. The more I can stack productive, active, and meaningful off-season days together, the lessening of anxiety at night and throughout the day is huge for me...Execution & action are my drugs of choice." CD

16-year-old high school student-athlete:

"Wellness U is like a workout plan or going to the gym. Once I moved beyond immediate gratification to "just feel better" and embraced delayed gratification, "this is a process," my whole outlook on daily action changed. I work on myself every day, and no one even knows the skills I am learning on my own. Yeh, I have become more resilient, and I am also a better teammate and friend." JL

"I just got done with the women's basketball team meeting. It was very well received! I'm pretty sure that we at least had 100% of the team load it, but wireless and Internet were sketchy in the room that we were in, so I encourage them to finish their assessment later. Some were doing it when I just left. One girl said, 'Remember when I told you yesterday that I was going to need therapy? Well, here's my therapy!' From Michell Prange, GVU Student Success Coordinator) "Makes my heart smile!"

"...I'm proud of our University for bringing Wellness U to campus...This app gives us an opportunity to find self-help anonymously and comfortably...

Wellness U has given me an outlet and a safe place where I can find self-motivation when I am having tough days. It gives me the capability to remind myself of my self-worth and purpose that I have in this world...I believe that Wellness U will help myself and others students build a foundation of bettering their mental health and finding ground to seek additional help in the future."

-GVU Male Student-Athlete

Effective utilization of our wellness platform and data can help organizations:

Our platform and app are designed to provide the insights and benchmarks you need to make data-driven decisions and address issues affecting your people.

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